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Maracudja sauce (passion fruit savory dressing)

Sauce maracudja (salée)

I discovered this maracudja sauce in French Guyana while on vacation and it was amazing. It’s a fruit sauce but it is savory and it goes really well with a cooked fish or on your rice.

A maracudja is a passion fruit, it’s how it’s called in French Overseas Territories.

Passion fruit is more original than a usual lemon or orange sauce to eat your fish with, it brings flavour and acidity.

To make it, you’re going to need maracudja juice or passion fruit juice. You can make it yourself ou buy it. If you buy it, take the cleanest product you can find (not too much sugar).

Well let’s talk recipe now but I warn you : it’s so easy you can hardly call it a recipe 😉

For a little bowl of maracudja sauce :
  • 100 mL of passion fruit juice
  • 100 mL of “crème fraiche”
  • Salt, pepper

To make your own passion fruit juice, go to my article about it.

Pour the juice in a pan, add the cream, a little bit of salt and somme pepper.
Hit it up until the first boil. Than stop right away and serve immediatly.

It is that simple but it will pimp your plate in a big way !

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